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Surgery Or Not

When ever you fracture a bone in your body, there are periods where surgery may or may not be required. Generally after a fracture the main aim is to realign any displaced, angulated or rotated fracture. This can be done through surgery or conservatively, as long as you can stabilize the fracture, restore surrounding normal… [more]

Don’t Get Injured Running

Summer is around the corner and we know that a lot of individuals start hitting the pavement to shed the winter kg’s. However, this commonly leads to injuries as many individuals go too hard too soon. Here are some simple tips to help keep you moving and staying injury free this summer. Check Your Shoes:… [more]
Referral pain is a common presentation seen in the clinic recently. However, my individuals believe that it’s their ‘sciatica’, but this isn’t always the case. There are many factors, which could be causing pain ranging from muscles to joints. Somatic referred pain- this is pain that comes from musculoskeletal structures- disc, ligaments, and connective tissue.… [more]
After having a serious bone injury and surgery, it is important that certain structures are identified with the rehab process that addresses specific goals and health management pathways. In order for a successful recovery, specific pain levels, healing times frames, type and severity of injury and associated injuries need to be addressed in the initial… [more]
Neural tissue provocation tests are commonly used in physio land to determine the mobility and length of your nervous system, in both the upper and lower limb. To make it easy today we’ll discuss the importance and how the upper neural tissue can be a problem. If you are experiencing upper limb or shoulder blade… [more]
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