Functional Training & Exercise Sessions in Bayswater

Get stronger and move better with functional training and exercise.

Elevate your strength and performance with full-body movements.

Experience a fun, functional workout that enhances core stability and overall movement, similar to Pilates but more dynamic.

Improve your strength and endurance

Enhance your flexibility and mobility

Improve balance and coordination

Prevent injures

Recover from injuries faster

Develop more confidence in your physical ability

Increase your athletic performance

Get a customised plan for your individual needs

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What's involved in functional training and exercise sessions at Central Physio Bayswater?

Sessions involve strength exercises, mobility drills, balance training, and injury prevention techniques, tailored to improve daily functional capacity and athletic performance.

Functional Training

This is a fun and exciting way of challenging the body via full body movements. Think of Pilates but in a more functional way, that will challenge your ‘core stability’ and the way you move.

When you think of every day tasks or any sporting activity, you use the entire body, so why shouldn’t we train this way? When we exercise, many believe that exercises should be isolated and focus on one muscle area followed by another. This is a great method of training if you have the time and patience, however we actually don’t move in an isolated/restricted way.

Exercise Sessions

All clinical based Exercise sessions and functional training sessions are completed by a physiotherapist who will guide you through your program with up to date Exercise techniques utilising reformers, fitballs or floor (mat) based techniques.

Where we are different to other clinics is that we offer a 1 hour service suited to you, your fitness level, rehabilitation phase and level of experience with no more than 3 people per class.

At Central Physio Bayswater we focus on 3 stages, as we believe this is the best approach to get the most out of your exercise and functional training sessions. Firstly an initial assessment to track your goals and assign an individual program. This will introduce fundamental movements, consistent and challenging techniques, and a specific program based on your progressions.

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