Pelvic What??


Pelvic girdle pain refers to pain that is present at the back, front or sides of the pelvis. Pain is generally dull or sharp in nature and may also be felt over the pubic joint, often referring into the buttocks and groin. This type of pain is most common in pregnancy, and for most women the pain tends to clear up once they have given birth. For only a small percentage of women it may remain post natally.

Along with pain in the area, symptoms can include:
– Feeling of heavy legs
– Clicking in the pubic area when moving
– Pain with specific activities including:
o Getting in and out of car
o Rolling in bed
o Standing on one leg such as to get dressed
o Lunging
o Walking up a slope or stairs

There are a number of things that can be done to reduce pelvic girdle pain including compression garments, belts, massage and exercises, but it is important to try and alter provocative behaviours as well.

Some useful tips include:
– Take regular rests when walking, and take smaller strides
– Wear supportive shoes, and avoid heels!
– Keep knees together and pelvis level when rolling in bed or getting in and out of car
– Sleep with a pillow between legs in side lying
– Engage pelvic floor and abdominals when lifting
– Sit with lumbar support and feet on a foot stool
– Stand with weight evenly over both feet
– Avoid tasks like vacuuming or cleaning if you have pain, ask for help!

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