NDIS Physiotherapy

Personalised Physiotherapy for NDIS Participants.

Our physios provide tailored plans to help you improve mobility, independence, and overall well-being for a better quality of life.

Achieve your goals with NDIS physiotherapy

Achieve greater independence

Get stronger

Improve your mobility

Improve your quality of life

Enhance balance and coordination

Reduce pain and discomfort

Increase daily activity participation

Prevent injury and promote long-term health

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How to get started


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Initial consult

We'll get to know and understand where you're at in your health journey, and create a plan tailored to your needs.


Move better, feel better

Manage your condition, strengthen your body and live an active life.

What to expect in your consultation with Central Physio Bayswater

Initial assessment

Upon your initial visit our physiotherapist will take you through an assessment  so they can get an accurate diagnosis, which will allow them to tailor a treatment plan suited towards your dysfunction.

Physical examination

Following your assessment your physiotherapist may perform a physical examination, focusing on the areas of tension or dysfunction in your body.

Hands-on manual therapy

Hands-on techniques as mentioned above are used to assist in the healing and recovery of your injury helping to increase your healing rate.

A holistic plan tailored to your specific needs and challenges

We’ll develop a holistic plan tailored to your specific needs and challenges, ensuring comprehensive and personalised care to get you pain free and moving again.

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Where to find us?

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