Exercising After Surgery, Is It Needed?

Why exercise post surgery?
There are many fundamental elements required, in order make a complete recovery from surgery. Education, exercise, self-management are the common principles implemented by a practitioner.
Exercise rehabilitation post-surgery has been a known procedure commonly recommended and/ or implemented by health professionals for many years.

Commonly its benefits are
– Restore normal joint function
– Help with the circulation of blood allowing for an increased healing rate
– Build up strength and increase mobility
– Decrease pain and swelling around joint/s
– Improve functional movement capacity and remove any abnormal movement patterns that may have developed
– Allow you to return to normal activities of daily living as quick as possible
– Improve quality of life

There are multiple factors associated with a exercise rehabilitation program, for example you may have had surgery on your knee but the hip, ankle, spinal system all play and important role in your recovery, therefore if these areas are not assessed and treated accordingly your highly unlikely to make a successful recovery.

Worried still?
Many individuals post surgery are afraid to exercise due to a fear of re-injury, however your therapist will try and address this by ensuring you are ready to exercise and eventually ready to safely return to your previous level of activity. This is achieved by using multiple factors
– Using healing time frames outlined in literature and by surgeons
– Following exercise rehabilitation protocols specific to your needs
– Giving up to date feedback using spark motion video analysis tools
– At the conclusion of your exercise regime a return to sport/ work analysis, giving you feedback about your risk of re-injury and functional movements assessing for mobility, stability and movement asymmetries.

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