Which Style Of Exercise Is Suited To You?

Everyone knows that exercise can have an extremely beneficial effect on your health and well-being. This is a common treatment tool used to attack conditions such as diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, obesity, depression and many more conditions. When individuals try to take up exercise for whatever reason this often can end in despair as injuries can result. Not only is this related to the intensity of the exercise, but also many people ignore the style of exercise, which may or many not be suited to you. We check out the 3 most common exercises used by our patients in the clinic.

CrossFit- within the last 5 years CrossFit has had a massive rise in popularity, as many gains in strength often occur, as well as changes in body composition and physical physique. However, due to the high intensity level required, exercise to physical exhaustion, large often heavy weighted movements and end of range technique, this often leads to significant stress being placed on skeletal and soft tissue structures.
Common injuries- shoulder, cervical and lumbar joint/disc and soft tissue structures

This type of exercise has been used for many years as research has shown to have great benefit with decreasing cardiovascular disease, burning excess kilojoules, strengthening muscular and skeletal structures and being able to maintain a health weight. Due to the dynamic nature of running and often running to fatigue a large proportion of issues can be placed on hip, ankle and knee joints due to an altered weight disruption and running pattern. While excessive force can also be placed of soft tissue structures due to its bounding effect.
Common injuries- hip, knee and ankle joints, quadriceps, hamstring and calf strains.

This style of exercise has recently come back in vogue due to the easy accessibility of beaches and pools within our local community. Swimming allows for improvements in cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and muscular tone all without placing impact/ stress on the body, while at the same time giving you a whole body work out. Swimming is a style of exercise that requires repetition after repetition, often leading to repetitive strain injuries often attributed with a faulty technique. Swimming also requires a high level of self-motivation and skill required that will wanting going back for more.
Common injuries- shoulder, cervical and thoracic (mid back) stiffness.

No matter the style of exercise you choose, something is always better than nothing. However, prior to commencing any level of high vigorous activity it is important that you are physically healthy to avoid any form of injury. If this is the first time in a long time you have decided to exercise please see your GP or therapist prior to commencing.

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