Summer Training

The rain has stopped, the sun is shining, the beaches are filling up, summer is now in the horizon. As we edge closer to this season, there’s always this increasing urgency to start getting fit. As stated by superman with great power comes greater responsibility, and this is the case with our bodies. The more we start to exercise, run, swim, complete pump classes, there’s a greater responsibility to how we treat our bodies and manage our increase in activity.

Here’s some basic steps to follow during this time, to minimize your risk of getting injured.

  • Begin with slow intensity, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your fitness level. Begin by setting your interval period at a moderate intensity. For example if you are looking at running 1km, break that into 5x200m  at 50% intensity with rest periods between each interval.
  • Out with the static and in with the dynamic, our warm-ups have evolved from the traditional stretch on the fence. Start with leg swings through, theraband movements, and squats since these all elevate the heart rate and get the muscles stimulated for movement. Remember though that static stretching is still recommenced at the end of your session.
  • Sports watches and exercise bands are all the rage currently, so why not use these to your advantage. Majority of these technologies have a heart rate monitor , so let’s use fatigue as our guide. Fatigue is a precursor to injury, the more we fatigue the more our technique alters, thus changing our biomachancial pattern. Try this little method, 220-age x 80%. 80% is the estimated maximum rate you can work at, so begin at 50% of your maximum heart rate and maintain that intensity level throughout your exercise.
  • Cross fit, functional training are both types of training that have gained interest lately. I wouldn’t expect these to be completed but you should focus on mixing up your training program. Running followed by swimming or yoga is a good combination that focuses on mobility, strength and cardiovascular exercise.

When it comes to exercise slow and steady will always win the race, you would never train for a marathon by running 42km, so if you are looking at getting into shape this summer, follow these simple rules to give your body every chance it deserves.

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