Hey, you! Yes you! Have you ever pulled up sore from an intense training session, or a high intensity class at the gym? Hyperice Normatec boots might be the thing you need to assist you with your post-training recovery. The Hyperice Normatec boots use patented technology created by a physician bioengineer, combining both internal massaging and air compression systems.

During periods of exercise our bodies begins to break up our energy reserves to create energy to utilize during our workouts. The chemical process of breaking down these energy stores results in the production of chemical waste products in the body. The production of these metabolic byproducts can accumulate in our bodies following a workout. Excessive levels of these waste products contribute to what is known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). DOMS can last for several days, varying in duration depending on the speed of recovery of our bodies.

Hyperice has developed their Normatec recovery boots to encapsulate the entirety of the lower limbs to create recovery chambers. The air compression within these chambers enables a dynamic pumping motion, assisting to move these metabolic waste products from the peripheries of the legs up towards the heart. This Normatec Hyperice technology mimics the muscle pump motion of the muscles in our body that assist in circulating blood to stimulate muscle recovery. The Normatec boots feature a variety of settings including pulsation, pressure gradients and distal release. This means that your recovery sessions using the Hyperice Normatec boots can be individually tailored to suit your needs, with the capacity to progress these settings to accommodate your ever-changing recovery demands.

Studies have shown that the incorporation of the Hyperice Normatec boots in post-workout recovery sessions significantly benefit the healing and repair of our bodies. Some of the added benefits  of the Hyperice Normatec boots include decreased DOMS, increased circulation, improved joint range of motion, increased flexibility, and an overall accelerated recovery time.

The Hyperice Normatec boots are available for loan within our clinic here at Central Physio Bayswater!

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