It is important to the Central Physio team in these unprecedented times to be able to continue our delivery of first class Physiotherapy services to our patients. We understand currently not all patients will be able to attend the clinic or may prefer to have their Physiotherapy consult completed from the comfort of their own home utilising our TeleHealth service.

TeleHealth will allow our highly trained Physio team to assess and treat patients utilising this online platform and minimising the need for physical contact. Research supports the effectiveness of this form of Physio and it will allow our team to reach more of our patients during this time.

We can also complete individual rehabilitation exercise sessions that focus on what you want to achieve, whether this is lumbar stability, rotator cuff strengthening, functional training, all which can be done from the safety of your house and minimal equipment required.

How do I make a TeleHealth Appointment?

Bookings for TelePhysio can be made by completing the booking form below, clicking the book button above or by calling the clinic on 9271 2477. Once your appointment has been scheduled you will receive a confirmation email with all the details. Please note that

When it is time for your appointment you just need to have your smartphone ready, click the link to open and start your session. Alternatively you can use your laptop or computer if it has camera with speaker capabilities. You will be invoiced for the session at the conclusion, and payment will be required via direct debit. We are unable to process credit card details over the phone.

What service will I receive and how much will it cost?

Our Physios will take the time to thoroughly assess, educate and accurately diagnose the cause of your pain. Every new patient will receive a comprehensive Physiotherapy Plan and exercise programs via email as we collaborate with you to outline the optimal management to return you to full function as soon as possible.

Our expert team will not only effectively treat your pain but identify the underlying cause of your symptoms and address these through rehabilitation. We believe TeleHealth will deliver a high quality online Physiotherapy service to our patients. We understand it won’t be what our patients have experienced in the past when in clinic but our goal is to provide our normal exceptional levels of expertise from our Physio team. Initial appointments and follow up appointments will be 30 minutes.

As there are currently no rebates available, we will be offering a reduced price for all TeleHealth appointments at $40/session. From the 14th April and have post orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation (e.g. Total hip or knee replacement) or suffer with Chronic musculoskeletal condition (e.g. osteoarthritis) you will be eligible for a rebate.

Phone 9271 2477 or complete the booking form below for an appointment today!