Sports Physiotherapy

At Central Physio Bayswater we know that sporting individuals need specific physiotherapy requirements to get them back on track quicker. Our physiotherapists are highly qualified and have years of experience concerning sporting injuries, and are therefore able to tailor your program to suit your sporting needs.

Our physiotherapists draw on their own experience as elite athletes, as well as from working with and being educated by elite level sports people, to diagnose and give you the important key points to get you back to playing sport quicker.

Whether you are a fitness freak, Olympic athlete, an amateur sportsperson, a weekend warrior, or looking to stay fit, you can be assured that Central Physio Bayswater has your goals at its centre.

No matter what sport you are competing or participating in you can be confident that Central Physio Bayswater will get you back on your feet in the quickest time possible.

Central Physio Bayswater offers the highest level of sports physiotherapy to help all athletes with their diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Combined with our close relationships with some of Perth’s leading surgeons and sports physicians you can be assured you will get the best care possible. If you have a sports injury or concerns don’t hesitate to call Central Physio on 9271 2477 now.


Exercise program and prescription

Exercise is an extremely important aspect of rehabilitation to return you to full function. It must be focused on 4 aspects: mobility, strength and conditioning, cardiovascular, and multi plane movements/ balance. Lead by our qualified physiotherapist and exercise physiologist we will be able to prescribe the right program suited to you, and enable you to return to your level of activity in the shortest amount of time possible.