Functional Training & Exercise Sessions

Functional Training

This is a fun and exciting way of challenging the body via full body movements. Think of Pilates but in a more functional way, that will challenge your ‘core stability’ and the way you move.

When you think of every day tasks or any sporting activity, you use the entire body, so why shouldn’t we train this way? When we exercise, many believe that exercises should be isolated and focus on one muscle area followed by another. This is a great method of training if you have the time and patience, however we actually don’t move in an isolated/restricted way.

Central Physio Bayswater use Kinetic link training for the following reasons:

  • Normal activities and sporting activities involve full body movements, which require the use of multiple muscles and joints.
  • With rehabilitation it is important to follow the patho-anatomical healing process to ensure that the injury is healed. However once this phase has passed we tend to overload our training processes and don’t regain full function.
  • Functional training allows force production to be created in multiple directions and with the appropriate weight.
  • Functional training uses a combination of movements, where the majority of upper body movement should initiate with the trunk and lower limbs. The right pattern of movement will allow for greater and effective force production and decrease your risk of injury.

Exercise Sessions

All clinical based Exercise sessions and functional training sessions are completed by a physiotherapist  who will guide you through your program with up to date Exercise techniques utilizing reformers, fitballs or floor (mat) based techniques.

Where we are different to other clinics is that we offer a 1 hour service suited to you, your fitness level, rehabilitation phase and level of experience with no more than 3 people per class.

At Central Physio Bayswater we focus on 3 stages, as we believe this is the best approach to get the most out of your exercise and functional training sessions. Firstly an initial assessment to track your goals and assign an individual program. This will introduce fundamental movements, consistent and challenging techniques, and a specific program based on your progressions.