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It’s Not Just Physical

Your spinal pain can be greatly influenced by many factors, rather than just the injury itself. You often see how some people can have the exact same injury but one recovers a lot quicker than the other, this is where psychological factors, not just physical factors play a role. Length of the injury- generally anything… [more]
There are numerous factors that could be causing your headaches. However some headaches can be chemically caused such as a migraine, and some can be body related (cervicogenic, tension based). These styles of headaches often overlap and can lead from one to the other. So which one do you fit into? Cervicogenic- generally it is… [more]
When you get an ache and pain, could it be possible that a ‘serious’ disorder exists? We term this ‘serious’ because it is typically not managed by your therapist or in primary care and generally requires a referral for further and specific assessment and treatment. Pathologies can often include cancer, inflammatory disorders, fractures, neurological disorders… [more]
Immobilisation post injury and surgery will lead to changes in physiology in the body. Due to a cumulative effect, prolonged hospilization can lead to a significant decline in functional capacity. Here are some reasons why physiology changes occur with induced inactivity but reversed with activity. Tissue restrictions Hypomobility/ contracture- adaptive shortening of soft tissue structures… [more]
Are you working in the gym and not sure how many reps and sets to work on to develop your strength, power or size? Here we give you a basic over the requirements to achieve certain parameters with your training. Throughout Hypertrophy is all about putting on muscle size and bulk. However, this isn’t achieved… [more]
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