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Such A Pain In The Knee

Patellofemoral pain, or knee cap pain, is the most common cause of pain that physiotherapists see. This can strike anyone but is most common in women and people who have recently increased certain activities such as running and jumping. If you have recently taken up running or joined an exercise class that requires a lot… [more]

Pelvic What??

Pelvic girdle pain refers to pain that is present at the back, front or sides of the pelvis. Pain is generally dull or sharp in nature and may also be felt over the pubic joint, often referring into the buttocks and groin. This type of pain is most common in pregnancy, and for most women… [more]
If you are playing sport or competing in an event and suffer an injury, you want to get back to your peak performance as soon as possible. Following an injury, it is extremely important to consider what fuel you are putting into your body for the best possible recovery. Inflammation is the body’s response to… [more]

Side To Side Hip Pain

What is Lateral Hip Pain? This can be referred to as trochanteric bursitis, it is now known to be more likely a secondary pathology related to gluteal tendinopathy (tendon irritability), most commonly the glute medius region. Lateral hip pain can also commonly present with lumbar (low back) spine issues and hip osteoarthritis. Contributing factors to… [more]

A Pain In The Neck

Neck muscle function is one aspect that could be contributing to cervical pain. Here is a small snap shop of what could be happening throughout your neck, shoulder girdle muscle complex. – The one everyone generally knows is deep neck flexor activation, this muscle is important for stabilizing the head during certain movements and with… [more]
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